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I’m  seventh grade history teacher in South Carolina.  I graduated from Clemson University and am a big Tiger fan! I am married to a wonderful man named David.  We met in high school and were together for six years before getting married on May 24, 2008.  He is a software developer for a small firm in Greenville, SC.  Cooking has been a big part of our relationship since we were both in high school. We both love to spend time in the kitchen making new things.

I’ve been baking with my mother and grandmother since I was a little kid. I’m definitely more of a baker, but I still love to cook. My dream job would be to bake every day.  My blog is a way of sharing some of my favorite recipes and adventures in the kitchen as I improve my skills. Feel free to leave comments; I’d love to hear what you have to say!  Please feel free to contact me: erinbusch24@gmail.com.


19 Responses

  1. Have a nice day !

  2. my husband and I are also still in school together….we finish in may…congrats on the wedding…I hope the planning is going well! have you decided on a cake???

  3. Hello fello Daring Baker! I am in Charleston, SC…small world!

  4. Tickled to see how similar our blogs look! I love to bake as well as cook and will be checking yours out regularly….

  5. Hello Erin, I just read your interview on TWD and I had to smile: I live in Munich and if you ever come again to Munich, don’t hesitate to contact me!
    Your German fellow blogger Claudia

  6. Even though we are Gamecocks and you are Clemson Tigers, we can still share recipes. Love your site… amazing pictures and recipes. I love baking and cooking as it is the balm for my soul and my passion.

  7. Hello,

    While looking over blogs on culinary arts I came across your website and found it captivating.

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    The frozen herbs will be shipped soon. Therefore we would need from you, before the 5th of December, an address where someone can receive the express delivery. The fresh frozen herbs will be shipped the 8th of December.

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  8. great blog and i’ll be visiting frequently 🙂

  9. Neat! We have similar stories! My husband and I were married the weekend before ya’ll! I am looking forward looking through blog~

  10. I am surprised to see that there were TWO of us from Greenville participating in Barbara’s taste of yellow! THe cake looks delish!!

  11. As a professional baker, my advice to you is if you want to bake everyday and get paid for it, do it. I worked for years at jobs I just went to and got paid. Boring! Now I get paid for baking everyday – but you don’t get much – just so you know. We bake because we love it, not because we think it will make us rich. But, one never knows what may come from true passion. Keep up the great work and the blogging.

    Patty aka vampire gran

  12. Hello!

    My name is Hilary and I’m writing to you on behalf of Domino® Sugar. Everyone knows the holiday season can be a busy time of year, and we’d like to offer you a sweet treat to help with your holiday baking and gift planning!

    Each week a select group of food bloggers will receive a $20 gift card to use toward purchasing ingredients to make holiday goodies and gifts. All we ask is that you make something fabulous from our website (http://www.dominosugar.com/giftideas), and within a week post about it on your blog. Also, make sure to mention that you received a $20 gift card from us, to help with the expenses, and include a link to Domino Sugar (http://www.dominosugar.com/giftideas) in your post!

    To help you out, I have a fun and cost-saving blog post suggestion for you—Make a homemade gift for the hostess of the next party you’re invited to. Take pictures of your gift, we want to see your creativity!

    If you’re interested in participating, send me an e-mail with your full name and mailing address and I’ll be sure to get the gift card to you as soon as possible. I can’t wait to read your post to see how you spent your gift card and what delectable creations you’ve made!



  13. I wanted to say just a few words to you about this. Thank You! I really do appreciate this.

  14. Really enjoy your blog! I am adding you to my blog roll as I just figured out how to do that! haha! Hope you will check out my blog as well! Happy Baking!

  15. I just found your blog and I’m excited to explore all the non-chocolate dessert recipes you have. I’m a dessert lover who can no longer have chocolate (which is super hard because I LOVE it!) so I can’t wait to try some of the yummy things on here!

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