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Maple Cream Fudge

I love the taste of maple.  It’s such a perfect fall and winter treat, and I knew it had to be good in the form of this fudge!  I hadn’t really made a dessert where maple was the central flavor.  This fudge was easy to make, and was part of my holiday baking.  After heating up the mixture and bringing it to the soft ball stage, you let the fudge sit and thicken.  After that, you just pour the mixture into the pan, refrigerate it, and wait for it to set.  It turned out to be a little bit on the softer side as far as fudge goes, but it was super creamy and the maple flavor really stood out.  I’m going to make some to use in some maple ice cream pretty soon!

Maple Cream Fudge
Source: Thibealut’s Table

1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup cream
1/3 cup of butter
1/4 cup of maple syrup
pinch of salt

Add the two sugars, butter and cream, maple syrup and salt into a sauce pan. Place over medium heat. Stir while bringing to a boil. Lower the heat and continue to stir slowly while the mixture cooks. After about 7 minutes, test by pouring a small amount into some cold water. You want it to form a soft ball. You might need to cook it for another minute or two. Remove from the heat, add a couple of teaspoons of vanilla and start stirring. It takes about 14 or 15 minutes for the fudge to cool and thicken. Pour into buttered dish. If you let the fudge sit for 10 minutes after removing from the heat and allow it to cool slightly this will reduce the stirring time.

4 Responses

  1. More fudge! I love the flavor of maple, so this is a must try.

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  3. God this recipe seems so easy and the candys look so cute! I love everything that has a maple taste so I’m gonna try it for sure. I love the pink light colour!

  4. Hello, I was just wondering what size pan you put it in, 8×8, or 9×9 ?

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