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Zucchini Spice Cupcakes


These have been popular on blogs all over lately, and it was no surprise that they were chosen for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cupcake Club.  They were very easy to make, and the cream cheese frosting was the perfect topping.  It was a typical mixing of wet and dry ingredients, and reminded me very much of carrot cake.  It had very similar spices, but with zucchini instead of carrot.  I had some zucchini from David’s grandfather’s garden.  They usually give us several bags of it so I can freeze it and save it for baking, which is so convenient.  These were great cupcakes- light and moist, with smooth and creamy cream cheese frosting.  A definite hit!

Tracey chose these cupcakes for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club.


23 Responses

  1. Your piping is amazing! What tip did you use? 1M? I love it!

  2. I am so awestruck by the frosting decoration job – NICE!

  3. Erin, I love the swirls! 🙂 And yes, it reminded me of carrot cake, too.

    Oh, can you please do me a favor and not post the MSC recipe? Pretty please. Thank you. It was one of the 5 rules.

    Thank you darling and thank you again for baking along with us this month!

    I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next with your creations!

  4. Beautiful job and I like how zucchini made it into cupcake form!

  5. very pretty!

  6. Wow, your frosting looks so gorgeous! What beautiful piping!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for baking with me this month Erin! Your cupcakes are gorgeous – love the way you piped the delicious cream cheese frosting! These reminded me of carrot cake too – lots of veggie options for our treats 🙂

  8. Your cupcakes are beautiful!!!

  9. Ooo! Yum! These look so good. Great job piping the frosting. 🙂

  10. You did a great job with the piping! And these cupcakes look to be a great way to enjoy zucchini 🙂

  11. yeah, i was super surprised at how easy these were to make!

  12. I made those too! But I must admit you did a MUCH better job at frosting them than I did! Gorgeous!

  13. The best way to eat zucchini is with cream cheese frosting!

  14. I didn’t know you could freeze zucchini – do you shred it first?

    I thought it would get all mushy and watery when frozen – so thanks for the tip!

  15. Gorgeous cupcakes! I wish I’d thought to freeze some zucchini for baking.

  16. CC’s look delicious. They were so easy and so good.

  17. These were delicious, your frosting is beautiful–what tip did you use?

  18. Beautiful cupcakes. Glad you enjoyed!

  19. Yep – another lover of the frosting swirl on the top! I have got to figure out how to do that. 🙂 They look great!

  20. Yumm!! I was debating whether to make this the other day or Carrot Cupcakes. I ended up with the latter because I needed to get rid of the carrots we had at home. I also did the swirl on the top! Good job!

  21. Well, I will not be very original, as it’s been said several times. They are perfectly decorated. I have lots of practicing ahead of me, before my piping looks anything like it.

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