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Rocky Road Squares


My mom used to make these treats when my sister and I were little, and I always looked forward to them.  I was thinking about them recently, and realized that it had been many years since I had last eaten one.  I decided that I needed to remedy that, and make them myself.  They are incredibly easy to make.  You just heat butter, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk over a double broiler (or put it in a bowl over simmering water), and, once it is melted, pour it over a mixture of marshmallows and peanuts.  After pouring it in a pan, you refrigerate it for a couple of hours and then cut them into squares.  These have a great texture.  I love the softness of the marshmallows mixed in with the crunchy peanuts.  It’s the perfect sweet-and-salty snack.  My friends called these “crack bars” because they are so addicting!  I’m not exactly sure where this recipe came from.   I suspect it’s an Eagle Brand recipe, but I couldn’t find it on their site.  This recipe has been around for a while, though, so it may not be on the website.

1 (12-ounce) package semisweet chocolate chips

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

2 tablespoons butter

2 cups dry roasted peanuts

1 (10.5-ounce) package miniature marshmallows

In top of double broiler, over boiling water, melt morsels with sweetened condensed milk and butter; remove from heat.  In large bowl, combine nuts and marshmallows; fold in chocolate mixture.  Spread in wax paper-lined 13×9-inch pan.  Chill 2 hours or until firm.  Remove from pan, peel off wax paper; cut into squares.  Cover and store at room tempearature.

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19 Responses

  1. My Mom would always make this recipe around the holidays. With four daughters to care for it was a simple treat to put together. I believe it came from Homes and Gardens Treasury of Christmas Crafts & Foods cookbook published in the early 80s. At least that is where my mom found the recipe.

  2. Yep, I used to enjoy those treats as a child too! :) Delish.

  3. I made these not too long ago. They are delicious!!

  4. Looks like Rocky Road Fudge. LOVE IT! Thanks for the awesome and visual reminder!

  5. Your recipes are the best! I always make the chocolate cupcakes. I am looking forward to trying this one.. Just !need to go and check the pantry! Thanks for posting regularly!

  6. Im glad you made a recipe your mom used to make for you..I love the looks of those bars..yum

  7. Those look so tasty! I love recipes passed down from other family members. They’re the best!

  8. I’m digging the fact that these are a no bake treat – yum!

  9. I remember these, they are a great treat from my past. Yum.

  10. Perfect! I have half a can of sweetened condensed milk in my fridge and no idea what to do with it. I’ll just find a substitute for the nuts and I’m good to go!

  11. This looks wonderful for my sweet tooth!

  12. These look awesome! And very easy to make.

  13. Um, I know you are sharing some of that right?! ;)

  14. Mmm, love these things. I definitely need to make them soon!

  15. I love sweet and salty! Will have to give this a try.

  16. OMG, I need these right now! Thanks for the recipe :)

  17. […] on October 2, 2009 by lovestoeat What a DELICIOUS and easy dessert. I recently saw these on Dinner and Dessert and thought they would be great to make especially when it is so hot here and heating up my oven […]

  18. […] butter for me, but this particular combination is becoming one of my favorites.  I recently made Rocky Road Squares, and these are similar, but with a richer, fudgier flavor.  It has a lot of chocolate- one pound […]

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