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Espresso Cheesecake Brownies (TWD)


I’ve been wanting to make these brownies for a while, so I was happy to see that they were chosen this week.  I love coffee desserts (though I don’t drink coffee), so I knew I would love these.  I made some really good cheesecake brownies last year, and wanted to see how these would compare.  The last brownies were a brownie base with a cheesecake topping.  These brownies were a thin brownie layer, and a layer of marbled brownie batter and cheesecake batter.  They were both good, and more different than I thought, since the last ones didn’t contain coffee.


The bottom layer of these is very thin.  I actually didn’t think I would have enough brownie batter to cover the bottom of the pan.  After that, you add the layer of the cream cheese mixture, and the rest of the brownie batter, and swirl them together.  Dorie says not to touch the bottom layer, but this was difficult to do, so I pretty much did it anyway, but it didn’t matter.  The only change I made to the recipe was to add some ground coffee to the brownie batter to up the flavor a bit.  These brownies were incredibly moist and fudgy and had a full coffee flavor.  They were a definite hit!  I loved these, and it was worth the wait to make them.

Melissa has the recipe posted on her blog, and you can see the other brownies by visiting the TWD blog.


10 Responses

  1. I loved them too. My favorite part was the frosting! yours look so good!

  2. Coffee in the brownie layer is a great idea. It seemed like the chocolate flavor got a little lost, but I bet that would really bump up the bitterness.

  3. I can see that I need to read the directions more clearly – because I totally missed that part about saving some of the brownie batter to swirl!

  4. Glad you liked the brownies. Mine turned out a little dry. I made them three times. On the third ones, I used the Hepburn recipe and they were better, but I think cheesecake and brownie just wasn’t my favorite. Love your stacked brownies!

  5. Hi Erin!

    I love the marbled look topping of your brownies! They look super duper fantastic!

    I didn’t take these into work, I am going to eat the entire pan with some friends tonight! 😉

  6. Yours look great! I’m glad they were a hit at your house!

  7. These are all over my google reader! Yours look great! 😀

  8. Your swirls came out beautifully and I wish i omitted the sour cream topping so they would have been seen through!

  9. Lovely looking swirls. They look delicious.

  10. So glad you loved the brownies so much! They look wonderful. I had the same issues with my brownie layer – it was super thin and I was worried about my ability to cover the bottom of the pan fully.

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