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Applesauce Spice Bars (TWD)


I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time!  I thought they would get chosen last fall, but when they weren’t, I figured we’d probably make them this year.  Many people tend to think of apples as a fall ingredient, much like pumpkin, but I think apples are good to bake with all year.  After all, apple pie is a popular dessert in all seasons, and I always enjoyed an apple breakfast cake that has been a popular family recipe (which I should make and blog about, now that I think about it!).  So, even though it is August, I was ready to make these!

I thought these would be more like blondies, but mine ended up being more cake-like.  I made them for our recent trip to Amelia Island with David’s family and they were eaten more for breakfast than as a dessert.  My glaze didn’t look like the ones from the book.  It sank through the bars, but I could still detect the added flavor.  Some other TWD members had this problem as well, and some common solutions were to increase the glaze or wait until the bars are completely cool.  I also increased the amount of raisins because I am a raisin lover 🙂  I used a Fuji apple- my favorite kind. These bars were quite delicious and I definitely enjoyed them!  I haven’t baked with apples in a while, but this reminded me of how much I like them.  Karen has the recipe posted on her blog and you can see everyone else’s bars by visiting the TWD blog.

10 Responses

  1. At least you made the correct form – I messed up and made muffins!!

  2. I love the golden color on yours. Very pretty. I have never heard of Amelia’s Island. Sounds lovely though. Glad you all enjoyed the bars. My kids are having these for breakfast too! I did not even try to make the glaze. Probably a good thing. Have a great day!

  3. Ya my glaze looks nothing like the book. I liked these bars though and will make them in the fall!

  4. I totally agree with you about apples. They are a year round ingredient to me. So is pumpkin. 🙂

  5. They look great, I’m glad you enjoyed them. And I agree, I like apples year-round too!

  6. Yours look awesome!!!

    I don’t mind glaze soaking into the cake, makes them less messy to eat! 😉

  7. Your bars look delicious! The great thing about glaze it that it tastes great in any form!! 🙂

  8. i used a fuji apple too – love them! i’m glad you liked the bars, mine were more like little cakes as well. i’ll bake with apples all year – but yeah, pumpkin really needs to come out of the “fall only” category!!!

  9. Your bars look perfect! They totally reminded me of fall, though I agree with you that apple desserts are awesome year-round. I loved these, especially with the sweet, sugary glaze!

  10. I’m a little slow getting around, but your bars look great. They don’t look as cakey as others I’ve seen. When I first saw them I thought you did something different to make them more blondie like!

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