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Brownie Buttons (TWD)


When I saw these in Dorie’s book, I thought they were so cute.  I wasn’t sure how they would come out.  I thought they may have been more about looks than taste.  Still, since I have loved all of the brownies I have tried from Dorie’s book so far, I figured these would be great as well.  I was pleased with the way these came out.  I’ve never baked brownies in a muffin tin, much less a mini muffin tin, so I was curious to know what the texture would be like.  They were slightly crunchy on top and on the outsides, with a soft, chewy interior.  They are perfect for those times when you just want a small snack.  The flavor wasn’t as good as the other Dorie brownies I’ve made, but it was still pretty good.  I chose not to use a glaze because I think I might save them for some ice cream soon, but the glaze would be perfect with these.  These brownies would be perfect for a party because they are just the right size to pick up.  Jayma picked this recipe and has it posted on her blog.  You can go to the TWD blog to see the other cute brownie bites!

6 Responses

  1. Your brownies look terrific and I’m sure they’ll be awesome with some ice cream! I really liked these too.

  2. Nice and moist, these brownies were great and yours look perfect.

  3. I love how you lined them up. I can eat all of them! Oh yeah and give me some ice cream with that! 😉

    Yes, I think these portable bites are perfect for a party!

  4. Your brownie buttons are really cute! You described them to a T – crunchy on the exterior and chewy on the interior! Are you going to mix-in the brownie buttons with your ice cream?

  5. i almost made ice cream brownie button sandwiches but opted for a peanut butter topping instead. 🙂
    honestly, i prefer them without any icing too.

  6. These would be a great addition to ice cream. I really like the idea of using the mini muffin tin, but I think I’ll try it with a different brownie recipe next time.

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