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Banana Muffins (TWD)

I’m committing a cardinal sin of blogging this week, as my post has no pictures.  But, I actually have a good excuse.  My husband ate it.  Last week, my sister and her boyfriend spent the night at our house on a weeknight, so I thought I would make this cake into muffins so everyone would have something for breakfast the next morning.  I made these at night and planned to take pictures the next afternoon with whatever muffins were left over.  The trouble is, David didn’t realize this plan and took all the leftover muffins with him to work, leaving me with no muffins to photograph.  I was annoyed for about two minutes, but it was an honest mistake.  So, I’m sorry that I’m leaving no visual here, but I can assure you that these muffins were very much appreciated!

Because I didn’t have that many people to eat these, I decided to cut the recipe in half and make them into muffins.  This also worked since I wanted to make these to grab quickly on the way to work.  Everyone liked them, and they made a great breakfast.  David said that they were pretty much like regular banana bread.  With half the recipe, you can get 12-14 muffins depending on how you fill the tin (I tend to overfill muffin and cupcake tins).  Mary of The Food Librarian chose this recipe, and you can view the recipe on her blog.  You can also visit the TWD blog to see what they actually looked like 🙂


10 Responses

  1. LOL Well at least he felt they were tasty enough to grab them all! We loved this cake and I will definitely be making it again. By request too!

  2. Haha no worries 😀

  3. Darn it I hate it when things like that happen. Oh my I ‘ve got my hubby trained to ask me about every baked good in the house..lol! Im kinda bossy that way=). Im glad you liked the muffins. I thought this recipe was great!

  4. Haha well glad they were such a hit! 🙂 I enjoyed it too.

  5. Who needs pictures when you’re an awesome baker like yourself? 😉

    Banana muffins are awesome!

  6. Shame on them.

    Eating before picture time.

    Wasn’t this fabulous?

  7. Main thing is your husband really loves your baking! Enjoyable blog.

  8. I did some really fun things with this recipe, which I also halved. I’ll be posting mine next week as I went out of town and forgot to take my computer with all the pics with me!

  9. LOL! I have read other blogs that say they have “eat” and “don’t eat” signs on their food! 🙂 Thanks so much for baking along with me this week!! – mary the food librarian

  10. It must have turned out fantastic since they were gone before you knew it! =) I’m sure everyone appreciated you for baking the banana muffins for them!

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