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Wilton Course 2 Final Cake


I finished Course 2 this week.  I will admit to not being all that excited about course 2, especially since I was taking course 3 at the same time and was more excited about working with fondant.  I wanted to take course 2 anyway because I knew that I would pick up some techniques that would be useful.  I’m glad that I did take course 2, because I did end up enjoying it and I’m happy with my final cake.  During the first three weeks, we practiced making flowers, and those flowers would go on our final cake.  We also practiced working with color flow, which is how the fence is made.  Some people made birds and butterflies as well, but I didn’t care for the look of them, so I decided to skip it.


During course 2, we focused on royal icing.  Royal icing is great for flowers because of the way it hardens.  It is definitely more for looks than taste.  In fact, I think it tastes pretty awful!  I did get the hang of it and was able to make some pretty flowers.  For the final cake, I made more of the flowers I liked the most and the ones I was best at making.  I really liked the pansies, daffodils, and daisies.


For the final class, we brought in a cake made in the special pan that came with the course 2 kit.  (David also pointed out that this was the perfect football-shaped cake, which is something I’m going to keep in mind when football season rolls around!).  We crumb coated the sides for the basket weave.  When I first saw the basket weave, I thought it would be very difficult and I wondered if I would be able to do it.  Luckily, I got the hang of it pretty quickly and was happy with how I did.  Once you establish a pattern, it’s easy, although it’s hard on your hands!  That was the most time-consuming part of the cake, and once we were finished, we put our flower decorations and filled in the spaces with leaves.  We also put a rope border on the top and bottom of the cake.  I was happy with this cake.  My favorite part was the basket weave, and I’m hoping to use this technique in future cakes because I just love the look of it!


14 Responses

  1. It looks great! The thing about these classes is that, even if you don’t use the skills in the same format you do in the class, being comfortable with a pastry bag and a piping tip is so useful for any baker.

  2. That’s so beautiful! I love the colors.

  3. It looks great – and I really wish I had taken that course – I skipped it and went straight to fondant.

  4. I agree that the basket-weave is quite hard on your hands, especially if your icing is just slightly too stiff.

    Your cake looks great! I like how you made fences instead of birds!

  5. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE this cake!

    A + + + + + + ++ again!

  6. The cake looks great! Love all the colors. My (our) wedding cake was basket weave. I love that look, too! Someday I’ll take those Wilton classes.

  7. Gorgeous cake! Your flowers look perfect and I love your fence!

  8. What pretty flowers, I’m impressed!

  9. Erin, I need your email address to send you details re: the Martha Stewart Cupcake club. Please send me an email at betty@eatmycupcake.com.

    Bake with you SOON. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful cake, great job! I can not wait until October when I can take course 2.

  11. How long did you bake the cake for???? I am getting ready to bake mine now, but at the moment, my book is not here.

  12. Get a larger basketweave tip, it looks just as great and is easier on the wrist and much faster too!

  13. Looks great! I am starting the Wilton course 2 class tonight!

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