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Wilton Course 1 Class 3


During Class 3, we made the infamous Clown Cake.  It was a very warm day, so my clowns leaned a little bit on the ride home.  When I arrived at class, we continued practicing roses.  I am going to practice more this weekend so that my roses will be pretty for the final cake next week.  After working on the roses, we practiced the shell border, and learned how to make straight petals and curved flower petals.  We were given about 45 minutes at the end of class to decorate our cakes.  I was pretty happy with the way mine turned out.  I wish I had more time because I would have done more to it, but for the time I had, I can’t complain.  I was happy that I got 3 clowns on my cake.  Our instructor even taught us how to pipe a clown to where it is standing on the side of the cake leaning over, but I didn’t have enough room on my cake board to be able to do it.  It was easy, though, and if I make a cake like this again, I’ll try to make it work.  I used my favorite buttercream frosting for the cake, which was much easier to work with than last week.  For the cake I made Dorie’s Perfect Party Cake, because I figured a party cake would go great with clowns! 🙂


This cake was a big hit when I served it.  David suggested that next time I should decapitate the clowns and decorate the cake with red icing to make it look like a clown massacre.  I told him he was just being silly 🙂  It was funny the way people cut it.  They cut around the clowns so they wouldn’t disturb them.  At the end of the evening, there were just a couple of pieces with clowns on top.  I hope that this weekend I will get some good practice at roses.  I am looking forward to my final cake!



12 Responses

  1. Ha ha – I remember making those clowns. My kids were scared of them.

    I love the colors you chose – very festive and party-like!

  2. those clowns are so cute, i wish i could enroll wilton class 😦

  3. Great job!

  4. Very cute, great job!! I’d love to be able to one day make a cake that looks halfway decent! 🙂

  5. Wow, cute! Be a major sugar rush eating one of those clowns!

  6. So cute!

    Is that buttercream recipe stiff enough for decorating? I’ve never tried it. I thought the Wilton recipe was stiffer, but I don’t have much experience with decorating with it (or anything else, for that matter).

    • Sorry- should have clarified. I used the CI buttercream to frost the cake, but still used Wilton for the decorating. I’m not sure how the CI would be for decorating- I’ll have to find out!

  7. Looks like a fun course!

  8. I love the bright colors you used for this cake!

  9. […] as well.   Finally, last week, when I was looking for a cake to make for my decorating class, I made the Perfect Party Cake again. It’s the perfect cake for any occasion. I rarely make the same dessert more than once, but […]

  10. I so remember making the Clown cake. I only took the first class. Long story short, the instructor bailed on us!
    Love it.

  11. I really like the bright colours you used on this cake – it turned out very nicely! 🙂

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