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Wilton Course 1, Classes 1 & 2

I have wanted to take a cake decorating class for a long time now, and now that I’m off for the summer, I decided that this was the time.  I started Course 1 on June 9 at Hobby Lobby.  Since so many people inquire about the Wilton classes. I thought I would keep track of them in my blog to help those who are interested find out more about it.

There are 4 Wilton Courses, and Course 1 is called “Discovering Cake Decorating.”  In this class, you learn the basics before going on to flowers and borders, fondant, gumpaste, and more advanced docorating techniques.  I’m including the first two classes in this one post because the first class was just an introduction and we didn’t do any actual decorating.

In the first class, we learned about leveling, filling, and frosting a cake.  Our instructor brought a cake with her and demonstrated the techniques, made the frosting, and then decorated it to show us what we would learn by the end of the course.  I was so amazed at how fast she piped those flowers!  She also told us about the supplies that we would need in addition to the Course 1 student kit:

-cake leveler
-extra #3 and #16 tips (they are only $0.99, so I would be several!)
-extra couplers (again they are cheap, and you can’t have enough!)
-disposable bags
-cake serving boards
-gel food coloring (not liquid, because it will change the consistency too much)
-WHITE shortening and clear flavorings for the icing
-decorating turntable
-flower lifter
-Derby clown heads for the clown cake in week 3
-dishwasher-safe bag for washing the tips and couplers
-caddy for carrying and storing supplies

For the second class, we had to bring a frosted cake (any kind of cake is fine), 4 containers of icing (1/2 cup each) colored a different color, and our supplies.  I ran into a problem with my frosting.  It did not harden at all and was a goopy mess.  The instructor said that the weather can affect it, and since it has been very humid lately, that might explain it.  For this reason, I had trouble transfering the rainbow pattern on my cake and had to draw it freehand.  This resulted in a little bit of difficulty getting it neat, but I adjusted and it turned out okay.  Next time I will not use the Wilton frosting to ice my cake, and will use my favorite buttercream instead.

We started out practicing writing (cursive and print), the star, zig zags, and drawing lines on our practice boards.  We then started piping stars to create the rainbow, then learned how to decorate clouds, and put a border on the sides.  I got better with practice and I know that if my icing hadn’t turned out so crappy, it would have been better.  I will practice some more between now and then to make sure I get it right!  Next week we are bringing another iced cake and we’ll be making the infamous clown cake!

DSC_1543 You can see that my green was a little off, but I got so much better at the end!

DSC_1546 the shell border

DSC_1547 another view of the rainbow and shell border


7 Responses

  1. I have thought about taking a Wilton course! It sounds so much fun! Your rainbow cake turned out cute 🙂

  2. Aren’t the Wilton courses fun? I’m already in course 3 and I’m excited to do the fondant and gum paste one next month!

    Nice cake – it turned out quite well all things considering! 🙂

  3. Sabrina and I did that last summer – it was so much fun! Enjoy it!

  4. I love the colors – great job!

  5. Super cute! I love the idea of the rainbow cake!

  6. I was just thinking yesterday about the Wilton cake decorating classes! Looks like fun.

  7. Great job! You will love all of the classes!!

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