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Honey Peach Ice Cream (TWD)


As you can see from my other blog entries, I love making ice cream.  It’s the perfect treat, and not just for summer!  I love making ice cream all year, but the best part about summer is being able to use fresh fruit, either in a sorbet, or in an ice cream like this.  Peach ice cream seems to be the most popular summer flavor, and the flavor that comes to mind when people think of homemade ice cream.  I’ve been wanting to try a peach ice cream for a while, and was happy to get the chance.

I must admit, though, that I am a peach snob.  South Carolina has some of the best peaches in the country, and I grew up in a region that produces the most peaches for the state.  Every year I look forward to stopping at roadside stands and picking up a basket of peaches.  Since we just moved, I haven’t found a roadside stand or farmer’s market yet, so I had to buy these peaches at the grocery store, and peach from the grocery store just aren’t as good.  They were fine once I put them in the ice cream, but if you want good peaches for cobbler, pies, or just eating, do yourself a favor and stop by the side of the road 🙂  I really loved this ice cream.  It had a nice, sweet, peachy flavor and a perfectly smooth consistency.  I really liked the bits of peaches in the ice cream.  I cut them in smaller chunks than the recipe called for.  The honey and peach flavor went together nicely.  On the P&Q on the TWD site, Tommi thought about adding amaretto, which I thought sounded like a fabulous idea, so I did just that, and loved the results.  You can visit her blog for the recipe.  This was a great ice cream, and satisfied by peach ice cream craving!  You can see what the rest of the TWD members thought about the ice cream by visiting the TWD blog.

12 Responses

  1. What a wonderful ice cream flavor!! I cannot wait until peaches are “officially” in season here.

  2. Yum! I made mine with apricots because the peaches I bought were awful. Roadside stands are so the way to go. Too bad they don’t really have any of those in the middle of DC.

  3. Your ice cream looks so luscious! Well done!

  4. Your ice cream looks terrific! The pieces of peach in there add such nice color! Glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂

  5. Ok – I am seriously jealous – being able to just stop at the side of the road and buy fruit? How cool is that?

  6. Looks great, such pretty presentation. I’ll have to check out your ice cream archives, I love making ice cream!

  7. Mmm – great job and looks so perfectly creamy!

  8. Mmm the ice cream looks delicious! And I love your ramekin.

  9. That just looks mouth watering. I think I’m heading to my freezer….

  10. I made the peanut butter ice cream, hubby loved it!! I’m making the peach as well, my new ice cream maker iis getting quite the work out!!

  11. Your ice cream looks wonderful. I got decent peaches at my specialty grocery store, but I agree, roadside stand or farmers market is the way to go. =)

  12. […] and couldn’t wait until peaches were in their prime so I could try it.  I recently made Honey Peach Ice Cream, and it was okay, but definitely not the classic peach ice cream I was looking […]

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