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Tuesdays with Dorie: French Yogurt Cake


This was a great pick for this week’s TWD.  It didn’t take much time at all to put together, and it was a dessert that I had on my list to make ever since I got this book.  I knew my husband would love this because he loves pretty much any lemon dessert.  I made this cake when I had a ton of other desserts to make, and the simplicity made it even more attractive.

Dorie said that many French people don’t bake in their homes because there are so many pastry shops around.  Even though it can be fun to get a fancy pastry from a bakery, I would much rather enjoy a homemade treat as well as the process that goes into making it.  The main exception to the no-baking culture is this cake.  This is a simple loaf cake that is made moist with a little bit of oil and yogurt as well as a delicious glaze.  The glaze called for lemon marmalade, but I couldn’t find any at the grocery store, so I used orange instead, which worked great, because the lemon-orange combination is a pretty good one, and perfect for citrus-lovers.  Thanks Liliana for choosing this- it was a big hit!  You can visit her blog, My Cookbook Addiction, for the recipe, and the Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see how everyone else liked the cake.

15 Responses

  1. So pretty! This was a good one, wasn’t it? 🙂

  2. I made this awhile ago and LOVED it…even though I usually only go for chocolate cakes with tons of frosting!

  3. Gorgeous!! I LOVED this cake, it smelled so good while cooking and tasted wonderful 🙂 I paired it with simple lemon curd. YUM!

  4. See, I totally agree with you. I would rather have a homemade dessert, even if it’s a bit plain, than a fancy schmancy dessert from a pastry shop.

    This one’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

  5. I bet the French also don’t bake much because their kitchens are the size of a postage stamp.

  6. Great looking cake..Im glad you liked it! Your cookies look great too.

  7. Well, I have to admit I’m with you on the home made desserts… I also love the fact that someone actually spent time to make it, and think about how to decorate it… and so on… But again, one has to know that pastries and cakes in French bakeries are truly out of this world, so it is understandable they don’t bake as much as we do.

    For sure, would they stumble on such beautiful and tantalizing cakes as yours… they still would not bake! LOL You’d probably be very much in demand as a caterer over there, Erin! Wow!

  8. You cake looks fabulous. I’m all for easy-throw-together recipes that totally reward you in the end, and moist, crumby cakes are a big reward. I only wish I could have a slice of this beauty right now! Yum!

  9. Your cake looks great. l love a simple cake like this, it really hits the spot sometimes.

  10. Cake looks really moist and yummy! I much prefer to bake my own, but I also enjoy a pastry once in a great while. But they are usually too sweet and this cake was just right.

  11. I just had a store bought mini cupcake from Whole Foods. It was not yummy at all! I much prefer to bake my own now, too. I count a box mix homemade, too 🙂
    Nice lookin’ cake!

  12. I love the crumb on yours…I also think the orange marmalade looks fantastic on top. I couldn’t find lemon marmalade either, but now we have an incentive to hunt it down!

  13. Your cake is picture perfect! I really like this recipe. It’s a keeper!

  14. I love the dripping glaze – so pretty. And I agree, sometimes you just want a homemade treat. Man cannot live on entremets alone! Beautiful job!

  15. your cake looks perfect!

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