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Tuesdays with Dorie: Lemon Cup Custard


I wanted to like this.  I really did.  I expected it to be more like a creamy, lemony dessert, but this was quite different.  It tasted more like a lemon flan and I learned a year ago when I first made and tried flan that I do not like it one bit.  The texture is too eggy for me, and I prefer something lighter and creamier.


The method for this was easy, which was good because I made it Sunday night after returning from being in the mountains all weekend.  After letting the milk mixture sit for a little while, you pour it over eggs and then bake.  Mine came together in the correct amount of time, which was surprising because I remember having trouble the last time we baked a custard for TWD.  Even if I didn’t care for this, I’m glad I tried it and had the experience of making it.  You can find the recipe on Bridget’s site, The Way the Cookie Crumbles, and see everyone else’s take on the recipe by visiting the TWD blog.

20 Responses

  1. I agree with the eggy part. I made mine into little tarts..they were all right but I prefer the caramel crunch bars!

  2. It seems like you had the same expectations that I did from this. Fortunately, I like lighter, eggier custards too. How much would it have sucked to not like my own choice? 🙂

  3. I’m sorry this wasn’t your type of dessert.

  4. This certainly had mixed reviews and I’m sorry it wasn’t what you hoped for. Your pics looks great though!!

  5. Sorry you didn’t like it.

  6. I’m with you: I like creamy, soft, smooth, not eggy. No, no, eggy definitely isn’t good. Seems like the consensus on this one. It looked beautiful, though!

  7. I think I would have liked creamy better as well. But at least we tried it.

  8. I didn’t care for this either. I guess that happens sometimes. At least they look great, and there’s always next week.

  9. I’m right there with you – glad I made it, but won’t be making it again.

  10. Too bad you didn’t like it. Maybe next week will be better?

  11. Sorry you didn’t like it, but your photo is gorgeous!

  12. Like your photo. Mountains?? Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Sorry you didn’t care for the custard.

  13. Live and learn! Next week is cake that will surely be a winner. I really like the light texture of the custard, but I can appreciate how it would not appeal to everyone.

  14. I knew I wouldn’t like this one, but made it because my husband would. Like you said, a good experience to have.

  15. This was a good reminder that I don’t like eggy custards. I wanted to like it, too, but I was also hoping for something creamier and pudding like.

  16. Sorry you didn’t like it more. Maybe the next one will be a hit.

  17. Well, at least you tried it. If I think I will not like something, usually I do not try it. I think it speaks volumes that you gave it a go.

  18. We felt the same way!

  19. I think I am the one of the few who actually liked this custard. Did you use lemon extract?

    Beautiful pics. Your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  20. I agree – even those “eh” recipes are good for the experience of making them. It looks wonderful though.

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