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Tuesdays with Dorie: Caramel Crunch Bars


Again, I am sorry for the bad picture.  The pictures will improve next week, I promise!

I made these back in May for the end-of-the-year party for grad school.  It was a great way to celebrate finally being done with school and getting ready to move on to our careers as teachers!  I signed up to bring a dessert (of course!) and wanted something that was easy to serve.  I looked through my Dorie cookbook for some ideas and, after going back and forth between several recipes, I decided to make these.  I actually considered choosing these almost a year ago when it was my turn, so this seemed like a good choice.

These were so good!  I love anything caramel, and these had a great caramel flavor.  I loved the addition of the heath bars.  Heath bar and chocolate is one of the world’s best combinations.  The cookie base was delicious!  I loved the combination of chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon.  I will have to find another dessert with this combination.  I really couldn’t get enough of these.  They were a big hit with everyone at the potluck.  Thank you Whitney for choosing these!  You can visit her blog, What’s Left on the Table? for the recipe.  To see how everyone else liked them, visit the Tuesdays with Dorie blog!


20 Responses

  1. i think they look great! crunchy with gooey chocolate–yum!

  2. Your picture is so good, it makes me want to reach right through the screen and grab one!

  3. What? That’s a great picture! Nice job!

  4. Girl if your picture is bad I wonder what you will say about my pictures! I agree on the heath and chocolate being one of the worlds best combinations….I love it!

  5. I’m a huge heath bar fan, too! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Your bars turned out great!

  6. Looks great and i loved these bars!

  7. You are such a cheater this month, with having all the recipes done months ago! 🙂 Although I’ve been doing some stockpiling lately as well.

  8. Your picture is great!

    I will definately be making these again.

  9. Bad picture?! I’m drooling over here!

  10. What bad pic. Where??? They look just right to me.

  11. Oooo, these look great. I love how the chocolate is all melty. I also loved the heath bars.

  12. The look delicious!

  13. YOur picture isn’t bad…It’s a great picture. I love that it shows the ooey-gooey deliciousness of the bar. YUM!

  14. are you kiddin’ — that first photo is fantastic!!! Love how the chocolate still looks warm and melty.

  15. your picture looks great! not sure what you are talking about??

  16. Your bars look wonderful! Glad you enjoyed them! I seem to be in the minority this week because they weren’t my favorite.

  17. I don’t do TWD, but I love it so much! Every time I think about making something from “the book” I check my trusty blog friends first! 😀

  18. Toffee and chocolate is the best combo! Your picture is delicious.

  19. We loved them, too, and your picture is good!

  20. What are you talking about? That picture looks fantastic! Beautiful job!

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