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World Peace Cookies

I was really excited when I saw the February selection for Tuesdays with Dorie because I’ve made 3 out of the 4 recipes.  I made them in either the spring or summer of 2008 and have just been waiting to post them.  I had a lot of other goodies at the time to post, so I was okay with waiting on these.  That does mean that some of my pictures this month will be kind of crappy because you’ll see my photography skills from several months ago, and I have kept improving since then.  But anyway, it’s the food and the taste that matters!

This Dorie recipe has captured my interest for a while. It’s been pretty popular in the blogging world, and I kept thinking it would be chosen for Tuesdays with Dorie pretty soon. After going for months without making any of Dorie’s cookies, I decided that I did not want to wait any longer to make these, so I decided to go ahead and make them, write the post, and save it for when it did get chosen.  So finally, in February 2009, Jessica of Cookbookhabit chose these cookies!

These are unlike many other chocolate cookies I’ve had. It was more like a shortbread cookie. I am usually all for chewy cookies, but this one was amazing. It was firm but still soft, and it had a wonderful chocolate flavor. The mini chips were a great surprise with each bite. I must say that this is one of my favorite chocolate cookies, and the dough was delicious too! This is definitely a great recipe to make when you’re in the mood for cookies- you won’t regret it!  Head over to Jessica’s blog for the recipe and visit the Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see everyone else’s creations!


18 Responses

  1. They came out beautifully!

  2. Im glad you found a new favorite cookie. I like your pictures!

  3. I love these cookies! They’re one of my faves. Yours turned out just great! Well done!

  4. I’ve been stockpiling some Dorie recipes lately too. Of course, who knows when they’ll be chosen – could be years from now!

  5. Got your homework done ahead of time, eh? I’m jealous. Glad you liked these when you made them

  6. They look just perfect. And I agree – the texture is beyond amazing.

  7. How neat, it is like going back in time! Good cookie baking!

  8. I’m glad you liked these so much – you’re definitely not alone in that. They were great.

  9. You’re right about it being more like shortbread. I wish I had some posts ready to go like you! You’re so organized.

  10. How funny that so many of this month’s choices are things you’ve already made. I’m still waiting for us to hit something I’ve already made. Nice job on the cookies.

  11. Lovely looking cookies. How nice that you already have some of these made! I wish I was that together!

  12. I love making world peace cookies and everyone seems to love to eat them too. 🙂

  13. So glad you liked them – and I think your pictures look great.

  14. Your photos are fantastic! And it is great that you were ahead of the game on these cookies!

  15. Your cookies look very tasty and your pics are great!

  16. Love the macro shot of the cookies! Will you please share? 😉

  17. Wow!! Someone has time to cook ahead of time. I am impressed. Usually it is the day of or before for me. Maybe when I retire……

    But your cookies look great.

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