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Tuesdays with Dorie: Linzer Sables


Noskos of Living the Life chose the Linzer Sables for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe.  We haven’t made a cookie in a long time, and this Christmas cookie is the perfect way to start off December!  I’ve made a version of this cookie before, and it always reminds me of Christmas.  It’s very similar to a thumbprint cookie, and you could even make these into thumbprint cookies to save time but still preserve the flavor of the cookie.


These were very easy to put together, although they did require a bit more time than your typical drop cookie because of the chilling time.  Dorie says to roll the dough to 1/4-inch thickness, but I would roll them out thinner than that because I didn’t get anywhere near the number of cookies the recipe called for.  The recipe supposedly yields 25 sandwich cookies, but I only got 14.  If you chill the dough thoroughly enough, you shouldn’t have a problem cutting out the dough, even if it is thinner.  I used strawberry jam for these, but they would be great with any flavor.  I would think that peach and raspberry would be popular choices.  I wish I had a scalloped cookie cutter so that mine would be as nice as Dorie’s but I had to settle for plain, round cookies.  Be sure to visit the Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see everyone else’s beautiful cookies!


14 Responses

  1. These make a wonderful cookie to share for the holidays – nice job!

  2. Your “plain, round cookies” look adorable! I didn’t get nearly as many either, and I rolled the dough out thinner than 1/4″ too. Weird how that happens. Strawberry jam sounds wonderful.

  3. I wish I had rolled mine thinner too.

    I got all of 14 sandwich cookies out of mine.

    Yours look lovely.

  4. they look tasty!! i only got 14 sandwich cookies too. definitely not enough!

  5. These are beautiful! i never have patience to make these but I love when someone else does!

  6. The round shape is cute and perfect, no need for fancy scallop edges. Great job!

  7. I had the same problems with the pictures. I made these yesterday as well, and realized after taking 30 pictures that ALL of them were dark…..

    And I got about the same yield you did –

  8. Yours look great!

  9. I have trouble with pictures too, but most of the time it is a glare I have trouble with.

  10. Making a light box – definitely on my “Things to Do,” too. 😉

  11. These look great!! I can’t wait for some more cookies! 🙂

  12. Nice looking cookies!! Perfect for gift giving and eating of course!

  13. Yummy looking cookies!!

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