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Tuesdays with Dorie: Caramel-Peanut-Brownie Cake

I’ve been waiting for this to be chosen for a long time!  When it was my turn to pick the recipe back in March, I went back and forth between this and the Snickery Squares, which I ultimately chose.  I hoped that someone would choose this one soon.  I was so excited to see that Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy chose it this week.  The base was a cross between a cake and a brownie.  It wasn’t as dense as a traditional brownie, but was not as fluffy as a cake.  It was delicious though.  I love anything with caramel, so I was excited about trying Dorie’s caramel sauce.  It took longer than the recipe indicated to get to the right color, but the taste was perfect.  As soon as I poured the caramel sauce over the brownie/cake layer, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I was definitely not disappointed.  This was one dessert worth waiting for!  I would definitely make it again because I didn’t get to have enough the first time around!  It was devoured that quickly!  The combination of chocolate, peanuts, and caramel was a match made in heaven.  Dorie’s caramel calls for more than you need, and she gives instructions for how to use it as a caramel sauce, but I’m not going to lie- I put it in a bowl and just ate spoonfuls of it 🙂  It was so good!  Thanks Tammy for choosing such a great recipe- I’m glad I finally got to make it!  Head over to the Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see other caramel creations!


22 Responses

  1. Wow, it’s like a sea of caramel! It looks awesome, and I agree – the best way to use up that leftover caramel is to eat spoonfuls, it’s so good. I’m glad you weren’t disappointed.

  2. Your caramel-peanut layer is so even. My cake had a huge crater so it kinda pooled in the center. Oh well. I am not complaining about adding more caramel to even things out. HAHA. Glad you like the brownie-cake!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. The more blogs I visit on this recipe, the more anxious I am getting to make it. As soon as the kids go to school I’m of to the kitchen! Yours looks yummy!

  4. OH…yours looks so wonderful.

  5. Wow, it looks perfect.

  6. Your cake looks wonderful. If my caramel was that good, I would have eaten it by the spoonfuls too!

  7. Testify, sister! I ate it by the spoonful, too. 😉

  8. Your cake is gorgeous. I also ate a good bit of the caramel straight out of the pan. Yum!

  9. Mmmm… the goopey caramel on the side, makes it look sooooo appetizing! I’m not shure I wouldn’t have prefered to be at your house when it came out of the oven, rather than at mine! LOL

  10. That cake looks INSANELY awesome! Can you please cut me a slice of that? Geez Louise!

  11. Your cake looks delicious. The extra caramel didn’t last long in our house! 😛

  12. I am so pleased you liked it. thanks for making my pick!

  13. Your cake looks totally awesome. I love it!

  14. At last, someone honest enough to admit that they ate the stuff right out of the bowl!!!

    It looks wonderful though – and the apple cake you made look fantastic!! I am going to steal that recipe!!

  15. So glad it lived up to expectations! I am DYING to try your snickery squares… I think I’ll make them this weekend! And your cake looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

  16. yum, your cake looks so delicious!! glad you enjoyed it so much! 🙂

  17. nice cake! sounds like we did the same thing w/the leftover caramel 😉 nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

  18. Yours looks perfect! Glad you enjoyed it so much!!!

  19. This was a hit at our house too!

  20. Oh my. This cake/brownie looks so good… sinfully good.

  21. oh my goodness — that looks amazing!!!

  22. […] make my own caramel.  My favorite caramel is the one from Dorie’s book that I made for the Caramel-Peanut Topped Brownie Cake.  After making the caramel, I stirred in the pecans and poured it all over the cheesecake on the […]

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