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Tuesdays with Dorie: Creme Brulee

We made Creme Brulee for this week’s installment of Tuesdays with Dorie, chosen by Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake.  I was interested to try Dorie’s version, seeing as I had already tried Sherry Yard’s version of Creme Brulee in August for my husband’s birthday.

The methods were different.  Sherry’s version called for steeping the cream, sugar, and vanilla.  Dorie’s version asked you to boil the milk and cream together and then add it to a sugar-egg-vanilla mixture.  The baking times were also different.  So as you can see, I was very interested to taste this version to find out which one I preferred.  Dorie’s recipe said to bake the custard for 50 to 60 minutes at 200 degrees.  Mine took way longer (probably closer to at least 80 minutes) and even then I wasn’t satisfied at how well it set.  I thought that the taste was very good, but I was more satisfied with the texture and consistency of Sherry Yard’s recipe.  I’m glad that we got to try this and that I got to try another version.  Thanks Mari for choosing this recipe.  You can see how everyone else liked it by visiting the Tuesdays with Dorie website.

20 Responses

  1. Looks delicious! Nice to know the comparasion!

  2. i did a rewind, so i’m very glad to hear your thoughts about this one vs sherry’s. your creme brulee looks so creamy!

  3. Mine had difficulty setting as well, but we ate them up anyways! I wonder if it’s the cooking method, or the addition of milk instead of all cream?

  4. I’ll have to make Sherry Yard’s version sometime. It looks really great – just like Dorie’s pictures!

  5. Mmmm… delicately crisped… perhaps like its creator? I meant the delicate part, by golly! …not the crisped! LOL LOL
    Well done on a great classic, BRAVO!

  6. I’d like to try Sherry Yard’s version, as well. I wasn’t particularly over the moon with the texture of Dorie’s, but I love vanilla-rich custard any way I can get it, so I won’t complain too much…hahaha. 😉

  7. Sorry this wasn’t your favorite creme brulee, it does look pretty though 🙂 If I ever want to try a brulee for friends or family I will give Sherry Yard’s a try, thanks for the recomendation!

  8. Glad you tried this one to taste and compare. Great job!

  9. Looks yum — and I’m so envious of your creme brulee dishes! I had to go with a ramekin.

  10. It’s good to be able to compare recipes for the same thing with such different techniques. I’ll have to try the other version since you liked it so much.

  11. I had a hard time with mine. But yours looks delicious and I like how you compared the two.

  12. Looks great.

    I love your dishes.

  13. Yours looks great…ever so slightly burned! Yum!

  14. It is gorgeous! Sorry it didn’t stand up to the other recipe, but at least you got to compare! A lot of people have been saying it didn’t stand up to other recipes. I loved this so I really have to try another recipe!!

  15. I have Sherry Yard’s book too. I might have to give her Creme Brulee recipe a try. I really loved Dorie’s recipe. Maybe it was better that I let it set overnight? *shrugs. Oh well. Its always good to do comparisons so you know the one you like better right? 🙂
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  16. Great job on the side by side comparison. Personally, I liked the texture resulting from Dorie’s technique, but didn’t like the extended baking time.

  17. we have the same ramekins 🙂 thanks for the recipe comparison – maybe i’ll try sherry yard’s version next! lovely job w/this week’s recipe

  18. Ha! I also extended my baking time but I set mine overnight. They came out really well. Good job on comparing two different recipes! 🙂

  19. I’ll have to check out Sherry Yard’s recipe. Now that I have a torch I ought to put to good use! 😛

  20. […] the correct amount of time, which was surprising because I remember having trouble the last time we baked a custard for TWD.  Even if I didn’t care for this, I’m glad I tried it and had the experience of making […]

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