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Tuesdays with Dorie: Summer Fruit Galette

Michelle of Michelle in Colorado Springs chose the Summer Fruit Galette for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. I’ve never made a galette before, but it’s pretty close to a pie. I was excited to have a chance to use some of the fresh peaches that I picked up over the weekend. I am pretty lucky when it comes to peaches. I live in South Carolina, which you know is the second-biggest peach producing state. Even though California produces more peaches, someone I know from California told me last week that ours are far better 🙂 I am even more fortunate that I grew up in the South Carolina region that grows the most and best peaches. It’s a four-county region in the midlands, and the peaches there are especially good because of the rain the comes down from the mountains just to the north. My husband and I were in our hometown over the weekend and were able to pick up some peaches on our way home. We went to our favorite produce stand, Cook’s Roadside Market in Edgefield County. We got 41 peaches for only $10! So I definitely decided to go with peaches for this week’s recipe. We’ve been enjoying peaches all week, and be sure to look for a peach sorbet recipe soon 🙂

This galette was wonderful. I loved the taste of the peaches and the custard together, and I loved being able to enjoy such a delicious pie crust again. This time I subbed margarine for the shortening and it came out great. Thanks Michelle for a great pick! Be sure to go to our Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see everyone else’s results!


21 Responses

  1. I love galettes because their not as complicated as a pie and I also like the overall rustic look. Your use of peaches looks awesome!

  2. 41 peaches for $10! What a great deal and what a delicious galette!! The layout of the peaches looks great.

  3. I did peaches too and agree it was great! Yours looks really wonderful and how fun to get to pick them!

  4. We used to go to Myrtle Beach when I was growing up (before it became a huge tourist mecca) and we always stopped and bought SC peaches. They are so great! Your galette looks beautiful – and I imagine it tsted wonderful!

  5. Now I’m jealous – I want fresh, cheap, delicious peaches. Your galette looks great!

  6. Your galette looks gorgeous! I used apples, but yours is so perfect and delicious looking that I now want to make one with peaches! Great job!

  7. Looks so good. I was going to try to slice the peaches and put them in decoratively like you did, but in the end, I was lazy and just dumped.

  8. woww…yum!
    yours looks like it came out fabulous!
    i know, i completely LOVE this crust, one of the BEST parts about this recipe, for sure!
    …anddd I do live in california, and i’ve gotta say, although i’ve never had a south carolina peach before, our peaches are pretty darn good, if you ask me!
    haha, anywayss, great job!

  9. So pretty!!! I used peaches too and it came out great!

  10. I am so envious of your abundance of peaches. Aren’t galettes fun? So much less fuss than a pie. Yours is beautiful!

  11. I loved the custard with the peaches too. Your galette looks great!

  12. Great buy on the peaches. The galette looks beautiful, and I love this crust, too. Nice!

  13. love the arrangement of the peach slices on your galette!

  14. It looks so beautiful the way you used the peaches. Those peaches sound really yummy in this tart! Great job!

  15. That’s gorgeous, and I’m sure it tastes as good as it looks.

  16. Your picture makes it look so yummy!

  17. Oh my, South Carolina peaches! One of the great memories of my childhood are the times we visited my father’s parents in Clemson, SC, during peach season.
    My grandma was busy preparing and canning peaches. The whole house smelled of them. We ate them fresh, we had them in pie — what a feast!

  18. I’m in Georgia, and I’ll only buy Eastern peaches (Ga or SC). Around here the California peaches are terrible, but I’m sure they’re great on the West Coast (they probably pick them green to travel all the way across the continent? Anyway, I did peach also, naturally (with some raspberries thrown in).

    Your galette is stunning!

  19. I loved the peaches too, good job!

  20. […] roadside market and decided to make some peach sorbet. I also used these peaches to make the Summer Fruit Galette, and you can find out all about fresh South Carolina peaches by reading that […]

  21. […] roadside market and decided to make some peach sorbet. I also used these peaches to make the Summer Fruit Galette, and you can find out all about fresh South Carolina peaches by reading that […]

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