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Tuesdays with Dorie: Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was chosen by Amy of South in Your Mouth and she chose the Double Crusted Blueberry Pie. This recipe caught my eye when I first flipped through the cookbook. The blueberries in the picture looked wonderful and I love a good pie crust, so I knew a double-crusted one couldn’t be bad. This was also the perfect time to make this pie. David and I were visiting his grandparents last week and they have several blueberry bushes and one night we went and picked a ton of fresh blueberries. We came home with this jar full of blueberries:

This was a great pie. I added a bit more sugar to it because we both like our blueberries really sweet. Since it’s just the two of us, I made 1/4 of the recipe of the pie crust and had enough for a double-crusted mini pie. It was enough for us to both have a good taste of it one night. I really liked this pie crust. It was easy to work with and tasted great. It had the right amount of crunchiness and a great flavor. The only drawback is that it contained shortening, and a lot of people have a problem with that, so next time I make a pie I’ll probably try another crust just to see how it compares. I would also like to experiment with making a lattice crust because those are so pretty. Thanks Amy for choosing a great recipe this week! Check out our Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see how everyone else liked the pies!

30 Responses

  1. What a tasty way to put those blueberries to use! Great job!

  2. Fresh picked blueberries! So jealous! Wonderful looking pie!

  3. your pie looks delicious, i am jealous of your blueberries too! 🙂

  4. That is awesome that you got to pick your own berries! Your little pie looks great!

  5. It looks great. you are so luck to have such fresh blueberries.

  6. Oh, I am SO envious of that jar of blueberries! Enjoy them! And what a darling mini-pie.

  7. I love the mini pie! And freshly picked berries are the best, aren’t they?!

  8. Beautiful mini pie! I am so jealous of fresh picked blueberries. Mine were picked right from the store.

  9. I have blueberry bushes and never get any since the birds eat them all! I particularly like the picture of your jar of blueberries. Great job!

  10. How wonderful to have such fresh blueberries 🙂

  11. What an adorable mini pie! You did a super job! Lucky you having blueberry bushes that you can pick from, even if they are at the grandparent’s house!

  12. Hi! I’m new to TWD — joined just a few days ago. I love your little pie. It’s so cute! I too am envious of being able to pick from the blueberry bushes. How fun!

  13. *jealous* And the mini pie is beautiful and oh-so-cute!

  14. That sounds too perfect to be able to pick your own blueberries. I wish. Beautiful pie.

  15. goodness what a mess of blueberries! i wish I had thought of photographing the ones I took like that!

    and such restraint making just the one mini – you should win an award!

  16. Lucky you fresh picked blueberries! Yum! Your pie looks delicious and i love the pic of the blueberries in the jar.

  17. Your pie looks beautiful! Great Job!

  18. Now *that* is a fresh blueberry pie. And I love the way you “downsized” it. Great job!

  19. That is a big jar of beautiful berries. Great mini pies! I loved the flavor of this pie and look forward to making it again.

  20. Mini pies are great! Although it is smaller than a regular pie, I would probably end up eating the entire mini pie. That would be even bigger than just one slice!

  21. What fun… picking then pie-ing. Great work!

  22. Love the mini pie. And fresh berries. Wow, bet it was incredible!

  23. That jar of berries is amazing, you’re so lucky to be the recipient of such a harvest!

    Btw, I used lard instead of shortening and was very happy with the results, if you’re not lard-phobic, then I’d definitely try it next time.

  24. WOW that rocks that you got FRESH blueberries you picked yourself! It looks soooooo delicious!

  25. wow that’s a lot of blueberries!!! your crust is beautifully golden brown.

  26. Your mini pie is really nice! Fresh fruit is always better than store bought. Good job!

  27. I love the picture of the jar full of blueberries. And your little pie looks like just the right size!

  28. You have such self-control to make a mini pie to feed just two of you. I knew I would be the only one eating my pie and I went for the big one!

  29. What a cute little pie! And I’m very jealous of that giant jar of blueberries!

  30. Nice pie! And can I have my own giant jar of blueberries?

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