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Tuesdays with Dorie: Apple Cheddar Scones (Stupid British Snack Food!)

When I think of scones, I think of a Friends episode that happened as Ross was going through his divorce with Emily, who was British. If you remember, Ross said the wrong name at their wedding, and even though they went through with the ceremony, Emily ran off afterwards and refused to speak to Ross because she was so humiliated. They ended up deciding to get a divorce and Ross was so stressed out over the whole situation that he walked into Central Perk one afternoon and took Joey’s scone. He put it one the table, pounded it with his fist, yelling “Stupid British snack food!” I thought it was hilarious that he took his anger out on that scone! So now that’s my association with scones 🙂

When I saw that Katrina of The Floured Apron chose the Apple Cheddar Scones this week, I will admit I was not too excited, as I don’t really eat scones all that much. I thought about skipping this week, but I kept thinking about them and reading about the other TWD members’ reactions to the scones. Everyone seemed to really like them, especially the cheddar flavor. So I decided to make them, being the dedicated TWD member that I am 🙂 I am sure glad that I did! I really liked these. After just a few minutes in the oven, my kitchen smelled wonderful. I knew then that they would be good. They kind of reminded me of a cheddar biscuit, but the texture was a little different, because they weren’t flaky like a biscuit. The apples also were a nice addition and were a great combination with the cheddar. I’m glad I was open to making these because now I’m looking forward to trying some more of Dorie’s scone recipes. Thanks Katrina for the pick this week and check out our Tuesdays with Dorie blog to see everyone else’s Apple Cheddar Scones!


20 Responses

  1. A good scone is wonderful thing, not stupid at all! (Let’s hope the one Ross pounded was stale, or something…)

    Glad you liked them, I have always been a big scone fan and these are good!

  2. These look sooooo delicious! Wonderful job!

  3. Glad you liked them, they are so different from the British ones.

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  4. I almost didn’t make them either. Glad I did. Love the Friends episode reference!

  5. Haha – stupid british snack food indeed. Glad you liked them!

  6. I’m with Ross – i think it’s a Stupid British snack food! Gimme a brownie instead!
    Yours look great though – and I love that you thought of that Friends episode – I had forgotten that!

  7. Love the Friends reference 🙂 I have been wanting to try these scones since I bought the Dorie cookbook. Can’t wait to try them!

  8. Every time I hear that song “in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight,” I think of Ross and his monkey. I also wasn’t so sure about this one, and was proved totally wrong, much to my delight!

  9. Ha! I loved that episode of Friends.

    Glad you tried and enjoyed the scones. Your photographs are mouthwatering indeed.

  10. Love the mention of the friends episode! Glad you tried the scones they look delicious!

  11. I’m glad you decided to make them and liked them. Great job!

  12. i wasn’t totally sold on the idea either, i did apricot and cheddar and it came out pretty darn good…! next time i might experiment with some other funny combos. yours look nice and flakey!

  13. Wow, looks delicious! I’m subtitling your post “The One With The Scone.”

  14. Wow, what a beautiful golden color yours are. Makes me want to go bake another batch, lol. Great job and great photo.

  15. Great photos, great post, great memories of the Friends group…I still laugh through every one of those episodes no matter how many times I have seen them. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh wow. Your scones look so scrumptious, with their fluffy and butter-y texture. Great, great work!

  17. They look wonderful! Can’t go wrong with cheese!

  18. Your scones look so great, I loved them too. I will be making them again for sure. I love Friends! Ross smashing that scone up was so funny. Bring back friends I say!

  19. Your scones look yummy!

  20. great job – so fluffy!

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